Our Services

Email Hack

Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and any other type of corporate emails can be spied and infiltrated by us for ethical reasons.

Credit Score Fix

We remove bad debts and fix all late payments so as to increase credit score in experian, transunion and equifax credit bureaus

University Grade Change

Database university hack to tightest server systems are breakable by us, as long as you give us ethical reasons to change your grade.


iCloud offers tights encryption for iphone, ipad and other apple devices, but we can break into the security and unlock the questions for ethical reasons.

Cell Phone Hack

Android and iOS softwares can be monitored by our mobile spywares. We can also help to monitor your children activities.

Computer Hacking

Admin logins and complete database hack is our specialty, we also help to remove negative reviews and take down websites for ethical purposes.

Our Peculiarities

Qualities which we are known For

1. Anonymity

 Ethical services require discretion, we do not expose you for any reason.

2. Low Budget

 We work with you according to your budget.

3. Transparency

 We offer trusted services, be sure your money will not be wasted.

4. Service Guarantee

 We deliver guaranteed service 100%. If we cannot help, you will be informed.

About Us

A Brief Description about Netweak Professional Hackers

Who are Netweak Hackers?

Netweak Hackers are anonymous group of hackers from black hat community, our main aims are helping people solve relationship complications, parents to monitor their children, reduce the number of blackmails and negative feedback written about innocent people. We also work as private investigators to spy on guilty people.

How does Netweak Hackers go about this?

We have sophisticated tools to carry out our services. We are ranked high in the black hat community, and we also program tools ourselves. We operate based on your total discretion, and we will work around your budget.

Our services are guaranteed, because we hate scams ourselves.

Why Choose Us?

Netweak Professional Hackers is a top rated hacking company with sophisticated tools to solve all hacking tasks from mobile spyware, to database infiltration, to email hacks and credit score fix.

  • Offers a transparent services.
  • Works around your budget.
  • Success guaranteed on all our tasks.
  • Offers anonymous services.

Our Skills

  • Database Modifications

  • Credit Score Fix

  • Mobile Spyware

  • Tailored Services

  • Website Hacking

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